Mullet Haircut Ideas For Men

10+ Most Popular Mullet Haircut Ideas For Men (2024 New)


Trigger warning: The Taper Mullet Haircut is making a comeback with modern twists!

This haircut has a long history dating back to 1500 B.C. from Hittite warriors. Mullet has the potential to push the boundaries with its carefree attitude.

It made sense from a functional standpoint as well. Mullet is also called Hockey Hair, Kentucky Waterfall, and Mississippi Mudflap.

The haircut has shorter hair on the top and sides with longer locks in the back. This hairstyle allows a range of styles from simple to edgy.

It was a popular haircut in ancient times. This haircut keeps the neck dry and warm while keeping the hair out of the limelight. In this blog, we discuss everything about mullets. For instance, their origins, modern variations, and the 10 best haircuts to embrace the trend.

We’ve talked about the practical problems with styling & maintaining this haircut. So, let us walk through the comeback of the mullet hairstyle without further delay!

What is a Mullet Haircut?

In 1994, the U.S. hip-hop group ‘Beastie Boys‘ made the taper mullet popular with their song, ‘Mullet Head.‘ It contributed to the mullet’s spread and acceptance.

The haircut is shorter in the front, top, and sides, but lengthy in the back area. It has a nice agenda: “The company in the front, Fun in the back”. However, its unconventional appearance also led to criticism and humor.

Fashion has made this haircut look modern. It is a razor-cut and scissors-cut hairstyle. You can add texture to the top layers to make them look voluminous.

The Classic Mullet Haircut Variations

Curly Mullet

Curly Mullet Haircut

Curly Mullet is a texture-based style for men with naturally curly hair. Curly mullets look best with texture and volume. Straight hair men can also achieve this look by using products. 

Curls add a carefree and dynamic appearance to the haircut. It suits square to oval face shapes. You can customize curly mullet mens hairstyles in various ways.

Some people like a small change between the short and long parts. while others prefer a big change.

There are different types of curly mens mullet haircut. These include short mullets for curly hair, Mexican curly mullets, curly modern mullets with fade, curly mullets with beard, curly mullets with high fade, and high volume curly boys mullet haircut.

Burst Fade Mullet

Burst Fade Mullet

Burst fade mullets create fade transitions that are much more dramatic and quick compared to traditional fade mullets. This transition results in striking and sharp edges and lines.

The burst fade is a hairstyle that goes through the skin. It’s made in a half-circle shape around the ears. This gives the burst fade a unique look compared to other faded haircuts.

The burst fade mullet works well with different types of hair textures, such as straight, curly, and wavy. It’s become popular because it stands out while still paying homage to the classic mullet style.

Mohawk Mullet Haircut

Mohawk Mullet Haircut

It is a unique hairstyle that combines a mullet and a classic mohawk. A narrow strip of longer hair stretches from the forehead to the nape, like a mohawk.

The hairs on the back are left longer to resemble an iconic mullet. There are three popular variations of the mohawk mullet: the classic mohawk mullet, the faded mohawk mullet, and the colorful mohawk mullet.

Amp up the style of the mohawk strip with various styling products. You can smoothen the longer sections. It helps you achieve an edgy, bold, and stylish look.

Regular trims and a consistent hair care routine are essential for maintaining the mohawk mullet haircut over an extended period.

Punk Mullet

Punk Mullet Haircut

Punk mens hairstyles reflect a whole subculture. About 50 years ago, punk fans started this style. You can upgrade this old-fashioned haircut with a short punk mullet.

A short mullet haircut should not be too long. Keep it looking cool and sharp with bold colors. A curly punk mullet is also quite rare.

Another famous variation is the flat-top mullet punk haircut. The middle-section hairs are left grown in a narrow yet long strip. You may need to use a lot of styling products to hold and style the mohawk part for the ultimate look.

Mullet Shag

Mullet Shag Haircut

Let’s talk about the modern mullet haircut mixed with the shag! It’s a cool combo of the bold mullet and the relaxed shag haircut. This style works well with different kinds of hair.

This haircut has something for everyone. It looks good on straight, curly, or different textured hair. The mullet shag gives a smoother transition compared to regular mullets.

A shaggy Mississippi Mudflap adds volume with layers. Both the mullet and shag work best for individuals with straight and thick hair. But if you have a small forehead, a shaggy mullet might not look as good.

Pros and Cons of Mullet Haircut


  • Its unique appearance sets you apart from others.
  • You can style mullets in different modern variations.
  • Both men and women embrace modern mullet.
  • The mullet became an iconic revival in the culture of hip-hop throughout the 1980s and 1990s.
  • The party and business element fusion makes it a practical haircut.
  • Some popular celebrities who have rocked mullets include John Stamos, Patrick Swayze, and Billy Ray Cyrus.
  • Modern mullets are easier to manage and require less upkeep. 
  • Suitable for various hair textures and lengths
  • Provides a youthful and energetic vibe.


  • It may not suit highly professional environments.
  • The Mississippi Mudflap may still attract negative judgment from some people.
  • The long hairs at the back section may pose style challenges.
  • The longer back part of a mullet can be bothersome in bad weather and might need more frequent washing.
  • May not suit all face shapes or hair textures
  • Limited styling options compared to other hairstyles.
  • Requires regular trims to maintain its shape.

Mullet Haircut vs. Wolf Haircut

The wolf haircut borrows elements from shag and mullet. Yet, mullet and wolf haircuts are not the same. A wolf hairstyle is way edgier than a mullet. The wolf haircut became very popular on TikTok in 2023 after Korean styles inspired it.

BTS’ Jungkook, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, and TXT’s Beomgyu have all opted for this hairstyle. Wolf cut features choppy, short layers on top. It has longer layers on the back and sides.

The wolf cut suits you even if you don’t have long hairs on the back. Its styles are adaptable to men/women with short to medium hairs. Yet, you need longer hair at the back for Mississippi Mudflap styling.

Furthermore, a wolf cut requires more upkeep compared to a mullet. Stylist Nicholas Alexander Willis described the ‘wolf cut’ as a creative version of the mullet. It combines the softness and versatility of a shag cut with the choppy texture of a mullet.

10+ Mullet Haircut Ideas

Classic Mullet

Classic Mullet

Classic refers to the ‘OG’ mullet cut. This hairstyle lacks modern variations. It features a layered top with lots of volume. You can use various styling products to sweep those hairs back and down into a voluminous tail. 

It’s perfect for oval, round, and cube-shaped faces. A classic mullet combines two active haircuts at once. First, it must have a long backside as the main element.

It may range from full-flowing hairs to neck-length wisps. Adding any deliberate style on top completes the modern mullet haircut for men. 

Textured Mullet

Textured Mullet Haircut

We have found two popular variations of textured mullet, i.e., with a skin fade and dyed tips. You can achieve textured mullet with fade by fading the sides. Keep the top hair voluminous and textured for the full textured mullet look.

It becomes dyed textured mullet when you dye the tips. You can also dye your hair tips at home. It looks dapper and adds a modern edge to your original textured mullet. You can dye the tips even if it fades on the sides. So, try something creative!

Mullet Haircut Curly Hair

Mullet Haircut Curly Hair

Do you have curly or wavy hair? Try this curly mullet haircut! There are different types like ‘The Rocker Mullet’, ‘Short Curly Mullet’, ‘Face-Fitting Mullet’, ‘Long Curly Mullet’, ‘Bangy Curly Mullet’, and ‘Laid-Back Ginger Curly Mullet.’

You can also have a low-key curly mullet cut. Make it a Brown haircut in which you keep the curls low while the combed hairs on top make your face look slim and long. Moreover, you can style a Mexican curly mullet if you have a round face shape. 

Hawk Mullet Haircut

Hawk Mullet Haircut

Barbers cut most hairs from the sides and back in a Hawk mullet. It is a stylish and effortless version of the classic mullet cut. 

Mohawk fade with design is one such modern variation. You can rock this awesome hairstyle with a shaved design on the back of your neck.

Other cool modern twists include a bleached Mohawk, a forward Mohawk (letting the hair fall towards the forehead), a spiky mullet, and more.

The next hairstyle called ‘mohawk’ is a relaxed style that adds a fresh twist to the classic look. You can either trim your hair for this style or grow it out to style it better.

Long Curls Mullet Haircut

Long Curls Mullet Haircut

Long curls + mullet make a way to stand yourself apart from others. It displays old-school vibes. It features short hairs on the top and sides and longer hairs at the back. You may combine it with a bushy beard for a more stunning look.

The long curls usually fall around the shoulders. Specifically, This hairstyle works best for people with oval or round faces. The long hair in the back can help balance the facial features.

Edgy Mullet Haircut

Edgy Mullet Haircut

The cool and modern twist to the this haircut is called ‘edgy.’ That means you have lots of ways to style an edgy mullet. You can try a shag haircut, a short edgy mullet, a curly edgy mullet, a faded mullet haircut, a mullet with dyed tips, a tapered mullet, a K-pop mullet, a flat-top mullet, and more.

Ask your barber to give your classic mullet a modern twist for a cool haircut. You can add two to three modern touches to your style but don’t overdo it with too many modern changes.

Undercut Mullet

Undercut Mullet

Are you looking for an alternative to short mullet haircut with fade? An undercut mullet haircut is your answer! It creates a bold contrast between the longer back and short sides. This haircut goes well with all kinds of hair.

This haircut emphasizes the difference between two lengths and looks good on angular faces. But you can also try an undercut mullet with different lengths.

The undercut style can start in different places on your head. It could begin high near the crown. Or it could start at ear level. The undercut can even start low at the bottom of your head.

Razor Cut Mullet

Razor Cut Mullet

It’s a short mullet haircut for men created using a straight-edge razor blade. Barbers use razors to achieve a haircut with the right texture and separation. Razors also reduce the bulky look and make the style softer.

Razor cutting is ideal for people who aren’t prone to frizziness. Professional stylists use razors to build movement and texture more quickly than scissors. The choice of blade type in razor cutting also plays a crucial role.

Faded Mullet Haircut

Faded Mullet Haircut

The faded version is a modern variation of mullet. Instead, it creates a fading effect with short hair than to look shaved with shorter hairs. It has a cool fading effect around the back of the ears, sides, and towards the base of the skull. 

The sides are trimmed short and gradually blend into longer hair at the middle of the head which creates a faded mullet. This haircut offers a fresh take on traditional men’s mullet hairstyles.

Mexican Mullet Haircut

Mexican Mullet Haircut

Let us learn what is a classic ‘mexi-mullet’ before we delve into its stylish versions! A traditional Mexican mullet typically involves short hair on the sides and front of the head. And, the long hairs at the back are flowing. 

This style goes well with a neat beard or mustache. Now, let’s explore some popular versions of the Mexican mullet! They include the El Dorado mullet (inspired by the city of gold), the Aztec warrior mullet (inspired by Aztec warriors), the Cactus cut mullet (which looks like a desert landscape with short, textured hair), and the Sugar Skull mullet (inspired by Mexican heritage).

Edgar Mullet Haircut

Edgar Mullet Haircut

It is also known as the ‘E-boy’ haircut originated in Mexico. It is becoming very popular on social media like TikTok, especially with Gen Z people.

Edgar’s haircut took inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe. It features combed hairs on top, longer hairs on the crown, and shorter hairs on the sides. 

Edgar haircutt looks good with the Edgar style. Other versions of the Edgar mullet cut include the high fade Edgar mullet, the mid fade Edgar mullet, the curly Edgar mullet, and the messy fluffy Edgar mullet.

Layered Mullet Haircut

Layered Mullet Haircut

The classic layered mullet originated in the 70s to 80s. Celebrities namely Jerry Seinfeld, Brad Pitt, and Mario Lopez have adored this hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for men with broad or round faces. 

This hairstyle is a blend of two cuts: the mullet and the shag. The mullet has long hair on top and at the back with shorter hair on the sides and back.

On the other hand, The shag adds many layers all over the hair. This shaggy part gives lots of texture and volume.

How To Get a Mullet Haircut?

Once you understand the anatomy of the mullet hairstyle, you can learn how to achieve it. It features short hairs on the sides and front while leaving longer hairs at the top and back of the head.

First, get ready for a mullet hairstyle, especially if your hair is very short or buzzed. So, let your hair grow to about 2-3 inches.

Trim the edges and top of your hair as it rises. You can use scissors or clippers to give them a perfect shape. However, you can let the hairs on your back grow untouched.

Now, you can change your mullet style however you like. Pick from the different types of mullets we talked about earlier. You can go for a classic long or short mullet. Your choice of mullet style will help you decide how to style and take care of it.

Styling Tips For Mens Mullet Haircut

To style a mullet hairstyle, you’ll go through about 3-4 steps. First, you need to comb your hair. Brush the sides of your hair backward or forward depending on the style you want.

The second step is to use styling products. You can use pomade, gel, or hairspray to make your hair shiny, keep its texture, and hold it in place.

Now, it’s time to shape your mullet style. Use a comb on the top section and make it into a pompadour-like shape. Put wax or gel on your hair to make it spiky or give it an edgy look.

The styling is almost complete. Now, you need to add hold to your hairstyle. You can use hairspray to give your hairstyle some hold. For more ideas, look at our top 10 mullet hairstyle styles listed above.

Maintenance Tips For Mens Mullet Haircut

The secret to a perfect haircut is its maintenance. Don’t forget to go for trims every week or every two weeks. Your mullet doesn’t need much maintenance, just enough to keep the hair from getting too long.

The back portion of the mullet is all about growing it out. Be patient and resist the urge to even it out with the sides. Maintaining it becomes harder when you have fades on the sides of your head.

You can do the maintenance part yourself with semi-regular trimmings. Use a trimmer with a comb for this purpose. However, only DIY if you have experience in haircutting or styling.


In conclusion, the mullet is here to stay! It’s an effective haircut that can be adapted into modern versions. So, don’t panic to get a men’s mullet haircut. Check out our modern variations and top 10 mullet hairstyle ideas mentioned above to rock this haircut like a pro.

However, keeping your mullet looking good for a long time depends on how you style and take care of it. If you aren’t maintaining it correctly, it might start looking messy and strange.

Our detailed guide can help you achieve the perfect mullet hairstyle. So, don’t hesitate to grow out your hair and rock that mullet style!


Q.1 How did the mullet haircut get its name?

The Beastie Boys song “Mullet Head” from their 1994 album “Ill Communication” helped popularize the mullet hairstyle. The song defined this haircut and the people who wore it.

Q.2 Are Mullet hairstyle still popular today?

The mullet hairstyle became popular again around 2021. individuals on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have begun to adopt this style. Even in 2024, some famous people and trendsetters still have the mullet hairstyle.

Q.3 How do I know a mullet haircut is right for me?

Most classic mullet styles may not work well if you have a round, chubby face. But some newer mullet styles can suit everyone.

Q.4 Are mullet hairstyle suitable for both men and women?

Yes, mullet hairstyles are perfect for both men and women. They’ve been worn by both genders for a long time. Singer Joan Jett helped make the taper mullet popular among women in the 1970s. But nowadays, haircuts aren’t strictly defined by gender. Modern variations can look great on different face shapes and hair types for both men and women.

Q.5 How to style kids mullet haircut in 2024?

In 2024, there are various ways to style your kids with a professional taper mullet. If your kid has wavy hair, you can go for a permed mullet. Other options include a faux hawk mullet, a shaggy mullet for kids, a French crop mullet for boys, a takuache mullet, and a mullet with shaved patterns.


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