Boys Haircuts Ideas

Captivating Boys Haircuts Ideas That Grab Attention (2024)


Looking to level up your little guy’s style game? Dive into the world of boys haircuts where creativity meets trendsetting flair!

Whether you’re seeking a classic cut or a bold, modern style, this ultimate guide has you covered.

Haircuts help people express themselves. Haircuts are a way for young people to show who they are.

A good haircut makes a boy feel more confident and presentable. Each hairstyle tells a story about a person’s interests and personality.

This blog will show you popular & cool haircuts for boys. It will also cover what to think about when choosing a haircut. We have tips for styling and caring for your hair.

We discuss easy-care haircuts that work even when you are running errands.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Boys Haircuts

Face Shape

Face shapes decide which haircut looks best on you! For instance, a buzz cut may not suit a round face shape.

You may need a haircut that extends your round face, such as a side-partition. 

You can get many different haircuts. These include short buzz cuts and long hairstyles.

Especially relevant for oval face shapes. If you have a long face, it’s best to balance the weight on the sides of your face.

Hair Texture

We will divide hair types by texture into four main categories. So, boys haircuts can have wavy, straight, curly, or oily hair types.

You can style straight hair in various ways by leaving your top hair a bit longer and the sides shorter.

There are plenty of options for styling curly haircuts for boys. The haircuts such as curly undercut, textured crop, fade with curly top, curly quiff, and side-parted curly hair suit well.

Similarly, you can have haircuts according to wavy and coiled hair texture. 

Lifestyle and Maintenance

Sporty and active boys may like low-maintenance, short haircuts for boys. These include buzz or crew cuts. A little boys haircuts can also affect his style.

This depends on the school’s dress code or his social groups as a teenager.

Some schools have strict guidelines on how students can wear their hair. In contrast, some haircuts for boys require frequent visits to the barber to maintain their look.

Thus, you should also consider both time and cost.

Personality and Style

A hairstyle expresses a person’s personality. Some boys like to go with trendy or bold looks, whereas others prefer a classic haircut.

Creative boys often experiment with their haircuts and might choose unique styles. 

Choosing a style that looks good can improve a boy’s presentation and interaction with others.

A haircut can signify his social and cultural affiliations, fashion sense, and aspirations.

Popular Boys Haircuts By Age

Short Boys Haircuts

Crew Cut

Crew Cut Boys Haircuts

There isn’t much difference between a crew cut and a buzz cut. Crew cuts have longer hair on top than buzz cuts.

The term ‘crew cut’ comes from its use by rowing teams.

The haircut gained popularity due to its ease of maintenance.

It suits all hair types and almost every face shape. Generally, the hairs are cut with clippers in this haircut with the same length. 

Textured Crop

Textured Crop Boys Haircuts

The haircut is short overall with a slightly longer top. The hair on top gives plenty of room for boys to style accordingly. Boys haircuts usually sync with taper or fade

It is also a low-maintenance and clean haircut. You can style a textured French crop to add a modern twist to your classic textured crop haircut.

Then, you also have the option to style a messy textured crop featuring messy hairs on top.

Curly Hair

Curly Hair

Choosing the boys curly haircuts may seem tricky. But curls are very flexible.

You can create some of the coolest hairstyles with curly hair. Let’s look at some great options!

First, you can get an all-natural afro haircut. This makes you proud of your natural curls.

Or, you can style the curls for little boys’ haircuts into a rainbow mohawk. The curly undercut is also a popular curly hairstyle.

Toddler Undercut

Toddler Undercut Boys Haircuts

Toddler Undercut boys haircuts are a trendy and practical style for little boys.

The hairs on the top are longer than the shorter sides and back. The top can be styled in various ways, including sweeping to the side, slicked back, or left messy for a casual look.

However, the low-maintenance aspect of this hairstyle depends on how it is cut.

As mentioned above, you can also style a curly undercut. Other styling options include a top knot undercut and a disconnected undercut.

Teen Boys Haircuts

Taper Fade with Textured Crop

Taper Fade with Textured Crop

A textured crop is one of the hairstyles making a powerful comeback in the men’s hair space.

Matching it with a taper fade makes it more impressive! A textured crop includes short hair on both sides and back, with longer hair on top.

You have various options for adding a fade to these haircuts for teen boys.

You can combine it with a taper, skin fade, mid-skin fade, or blunt fringes to enhance it. Another popular variation is to style it with a messy textured crop.

Messy Quiff

Messy Quiff Boys Haircut

One of the perfect examples of styling a refined yet playful haircut is quiff!

Messy quiff in boys haircuts also refers to a textured quiff. As the name says, it is tousled at the top and does not need to be neatly styled.

You may also utilize the tips of your fingers for style. Certain products, such as texturizing pastes and clay, are used to achieve a ‘messy’ look at the top.

This hairstyle is also suitable for different face shapes due to its customizable nature.

Long on Top, Short on Sides (Comb Over)

Comb Over Boys Haircuts

It also refers to a classic side-part haircut. Teen boys haircuts long on top are styled to one side, using a comb to create a defined side partition. Further, the haircut may be customized to reflect the individual’s appearance and personal style.

For instance, adding a shaved line or hard part can create a modern and sharper look.

You can also vary the height and texture on the top to adjust the face’s overall balance. Long comb over plus undercut is also the coolest variation!

Drop Fade with Curly Hair

Drop Fade with Curly Hair

Here is a soft variation of the crop haircut! It is a versatile cut that gives your style a more laid-back and natural touch. The most defining feature of these teen boys haircuts is the curly hair on top.

Depending on the hair texture, you can style these curls in various ways, such as loosely natural, tightly defined, or even coiled or twisted.

The sides and back are ‘faded’ in a ‘drop’ effect that enhances the shape of this hairstyle. However, you might need regular trims to keep it sharp.

Long Boys Haircuts

Top Knot

Top Knot

Celebrities and fashion stars often have the top knot hairstyle.

You can see this style on red carpets and in fashion magazines. This hairstyle makes men of all ages look modern and stylish.

You can try this if you like long hair and want to look energetic and youthful.

So, you can flaunt a messy top knot, a half-up-half-down top knot, the Harry Styles top knot, a soft curls top knot, and a top knot with a beard.

You can admire Zayn Malik or Aidan Turner for inspiration in top knot haircuts for boys. 

Braided Hairstyles

Braided Hairstyles

Braids are a great way for boys to keep their hair neat and stylish. They show off the hair’s texture and length.

Boys with thick, curly, or messy hair may find braids helpful to manage their hair more easily. Braids also make dense hair more manageable.

Explore this guide to find 15+ of the coolest braided styles for long boys haircuts! Hair products like detanglers, light-hold gels, and moisturizers help manage and maintain the braids.

You can also combine braided hairstyles with fade or taper haircuts. Or you can rock two braids on top with a fade below!



Half-up-half-down buns are more popular than just a basic bun.

These haircuts for teens mix updos and loose styles. The style has two parts: half the hair is styled away from the face and neck, while the other half hangs down.

The half ponytail is a simple haircut for boys. It has the top hair pulled back into a ponytail. It’s easy to do and looks nice.

Other styles are the half bun, braided half-up, half-up with accessories, and boho half-up. These have the top hair up and the rest loose and wavy.

Top 05 Black Boys Haircuts

Box Braids

Box Braids Boys Haircuts

These are some of the staple black toddler haircuts. Braids also help keep the unruly locks tamed while offering you a trendy appearance.

Even adult boys can wear this style. As the name says, the haircuts feature braids made from boxes or tiny squares. 

However, braids need to be done on medium to boys long haircuts.

So, black boys with short hair might not get a chance to flaunt this hairstyle. But extensions come to your rescue if you want this hairstyle! 

Afro Shape

Afro Shape

Afro haircuts for black boys feature a voluminous, rounded shape that radiates outward from the scalp. They are frequently found among people of African history.

Afro or black boys haircuts showcase the natural texture, i.e., curly hairs of black men, and can vary from tightly coiled to more loosely curled.

It allows you to wear various styles, such as mohawk, natural cut round top, buzz cut round top, and fade haircut round top.

It is a versatile haircut that adapts to suit different personal styles and preferences. 

Top Curly

Top Curly

You can style your curly hair in many ways. This boys haircut has curls on top with shorter sides and back. The shorter sides and longer tops make the curls stand out.

You can style your hair in different ways. You can have spiky hair with a high fade on the sides.

You can also have curly hair on top with a taper fade on the sides.

Another option is to have long, messy curls on top with blurry sides. You can even have textured bangs.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut Boys Haircuts

It is a very short hairstyle traditionally associated with military recruits. Nowadays, this haircut is especially popular among black men.

You can flaunt some short, buzz haircuts that go well on black men.

There are customized variations, like the faded buzz. It incorporates a fade transition from shorter to longer lengths to add depth and dimension.

However, you can have a buzz cut with varying lengths. A buzz cut with different beard styles also looks cool!

Locs Haircut

Locs Boys Haircuts

Locs, also known as dreadlocks, involve sectioning hair into strands. Then, it artificially or naturally mats over time to form locks.

Black boys can style locs for boys haircuts in various ways.

To begin with, starter locs achieved with methods like palm rolling, twisting, or interlocking work best.

Popular dreadlock hairstyles: low ponytail, curly, criss-cross, dread mohawks, basket weave, short ombre locs, and medium locs with undercut.

What are some low-maintenance Boys Haircuts options?

Short Crop

The pixie cut is a short, textured hairstyle. It can be worn in different styles.

The pixie cut often has straight bangs and shorter hair on the back and sides. Since the hair is short, it needs little or no styling products.

Your barber can give you a ‘textured crop’ to get this hairstyle.

Regular trims help keep the haircut’s shape. But with a short crop, you can wait a bit longer between visits to the barber.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk haircut has an upward-facing strip of hair with shorter sides. It’s similar to a mohawk haircut, but the sides aren’t shaved.

It’s like a pompadour or quiff, but a quiff is a bit flatter. The faux hawk allows for different side lengths.

You can have short, clipped, or slightly longer hair, based on your preference. This gives you flexibility. You won’t need to get haircuts as often.

It’s also easy to change your look. You can comb your hair down when you’re in a hurry or want to change your style.

Textured Fringes

This haircut has layers and texture in the fringes. This gives the whole look more dimension and depth. It’s a good haircut for guys who want easy-to-style hair.

It needs less frequent trims. The style works with your natural hair texture. It’s also versatile.

These boys haircuts use a razor or point cutting. This creates a layered, textured look for the bangs or fringes.

This style adds volume and movement to the hair, making it look more stylish.

How do I know if certain Boys’ Haircuts suit my son’s hair texture?

Different hair types by texture include straight hair, curly hair, oily hair, and wavy hair. Each texture has unique traits that influence how the hair behaves and how it should be cut and styled for optimal appearance.

If you know your son’s hair texture, think about how easy it is to style. Look at the time and effort needed for daily styling.

You can read our blogs to find boys’ haircuts like your son’s hair.

This will give you a realistic idea of what to expect.

You can try different boys haircuts with little effort. For example, use temporary styling to see how your son likes longer or shorter hair.

You can also try different ways to style his bangs.

How often do boys need haircuts?

Typically, a haircut every 4-6 weeks is recommended. But how often you need a haircut depends on various factors. If you have a busy work schedule or your child is focused on homework, getting a haircut every 6 weeks is also okay.

The timing for your next haircut depends on the style you already have.

If you’ve done a lot of styling, you may need to wait 2 weeks before your next cut.

For example, faded haircuts need trimming every 3-4 weeks.

Consider these factors before going back to the barber. You can also do some DIY trimming at home if your hairstyle doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

Styling & Maintenance Tips for Popular Boys Haircuts

First up, washing the hair! It’s best not to overdo it. Try washing them just a couple of times a week if the hairs are on the dryer side or curly.

This helps preserve natural oils that keep hair healthy. You can also use a sea salt spray to add texture and volume. Not much fuss is needed if you work with a shorter cut, like a buzz or crew cut, for styling purposes.

Consistent haircuts are crucial for maintaining the optimal appearance of any hairstyle.

Even if you’re in the process of growing out your hair, occasional gentle trims can thwart the emergence of split ends.

Additionally, adhering to a nutritious diet and staying hydrated can significantly influence the health of your hair. Ensure ample intake of vegetables and lean proteins to fortify your hair, promoting strength and vitality.


As we finish our blog on boys haircuts, remember that each haircut shapes your boy’s personality.

Your choice can be cool, neat, or low-maintenance. Find the style that makes your young boy feel like a superhero!


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